Yep, I am available for drumming duties in the southeast Michigan area. If you need some solid, no-frills drumming for your Americanapopabilly, old school country or crusty blues project, drop me a line on my contact page.    

Selected Discography:

Map of the World – An Inch Equals a Thousand Miles

Kiss Me Screaming – Kiss Me Screaming 

Elvis Hitler – Supersadomasochisticexpialidocious

Michael Katon – The Rage Called Rock and Roll

Michael Katon - Bad Machine

Reagan? - All the Way From Allen Street

Charlie Dentel- Walls of Stone

Benny Reeves & The Groove Co. - Members Only

Delta 88 – Delta 88

Joey Gaydos Jr. - Joey Gaydos Jr.

The Respectables – The Respectables

The Respectables – Sibley Garden

The Respectables – 3

Royal Garden Trio - Royal Garden Trio

Carl Bradychok – After Five

Carl Bradychok – It Feels So Right

Carl Bradychok – Let Yourself Go

Carl Bradychok – Carl Plays Carl 

Mike Gentry - Mike Gentry

The Whiskey Charmers - Human

Chris Krueger & The Nitty Gritty - Keep the Lights On


Dave Solo - December 32nd

Rod Johnson - When My Baby Comes Around

Gary Browe - Red Sky Remembers



Mercy -NBC TV- “When You Come Back Around” (Performer, Co-Writer)

Jeff Who Lives at Home-Paramount Movies - “Chemically Changed” (Performer, Co-Writer)


Map of The World – US/Canada – 1988

Michael Katon Band - Europe 1997-1998, 2000-2001